So after being frustrated with the pop-up flash for a while I decided to finally get the SB-700 speedlight.   A couple of initial thoughts.  First, it feels heavier than I expected.  This is not an unsubstantial unit. In the box there is a case to store the unit, the unit itself, a diffuser and two color filters as well as a stand. It’s price, at $329 is reflective of  the fact it’s a serious piece of gear.  There are a lot of settings to learn but for starters I have been keeping it on TTL (through the lens) mode. I will say this makes a huge difference.  Because the unit head moves to various angles up and down and twists side-to-side you have many options in lighting your subject. By simply pointing the flash so the light bounces off the ceiling you avoid harsh shadows. The diffuser helps soften the light some more.  This unit comes with some colored “gel” covers which I haven’t experimented with yet.   In summary, a high quality  speedlight is  one of the first additional purchases you should make after you get used to your DSLR and initial lenses.  My next mission is trying to learn how to use it to it’s best advantage.