I’ve been playing around with a set of presets that I learned about soon after getting Lightroom 4.  It’s called DSLR GURU PROFX and is available on http://www.dslr-guru.com.  What attracted me to it initially was that it was on sale for 9.99gbr (pounds) which is roughly $16 in USD.  It’s going up to double that on April 1.  Anyway, you get quite a lot for that …several sets of presets including simulating the looks of various films, xprocessing (simulating the effect of using the chemicals for one film on another) and a number of other things.  It also includes a number local adjustments.  While it’s true an experienced Lightroom user could reproduce these effects the value comes in for those that are less experienced in Lightroom or want to save time.  I can see myself using them in various situations and to get certain artistic effects.  Would I buy it at $30, probably not but for $16 I don’t think it’s a bad deal.  This deal lasts until 3/31.  Below is the same image with different presets included.  The first one is faded toning and the second one is xprocessing.