Recently I processed my first rolls of B/W and color film I shot on my Nikon FG. Of course this process required working with photographic chemistry, developer, fixer, etc.
The first row I did was B/W. It was a Kodak T-MAX 400iso film. The second was a koadak Etkar 100iso film.  I used Kodaks T-MAX developer for the B/W and the Unicolor C-41 kit for the color.  It is available from FreeStyle Photographic supplies

First some overall comparisons.  The main difference is temperature.   B/W film can essentially be developed at room temperature.  You do need to be aware of the temperature of the developer as it determines the time required.  Color development is very temperature sensitive. The analogy is between baking a cake verses baking bread. So basically, from my experience the idea that some photographers have that color film can’t be processed at home is a myth.  While it is a little more challenging than B/W if you watch your temps it’s not that scary.

The biggest issue I’ve had is with drying.   For the b/w negatives I am going to include photo-flo, which has anti-spotting properties in my next final rinse.   The color kit I used has a stabilizer that includes a photo-flo equivalent for color.  That will hopefully be helped by my other change in that I’m going to use filtered water rather than strait tap water for my final rinse and making up my next batch of stabilizer.

Here are some of the images I’ve developed.  I did do some minor adjustments in Lightroom 4: